Where Does My Food Go? 

               by Ruth Sundback, R.D.

  • This is an educational and
    colorfully illustrated book for
    children, ages 4-9, that shows food does more than taste good.
  • Kids ask for healthy foods when they know where food goes in their body and how it helps their body work.
  • The soft cover book includes a separate sheet with activity ideas. The hard cover book is expanded with more pages including recipes, activities and teacher aides.


Were you ever my age, GRANDMA ?

This is a non-fiction, colorfully illustrated book for children
ages 7 - 10. A grandma and her grandchildren discuss the
differences and similarities of growing up from 1950 through
2010. With a little history and a little humor the book encourages
communication between generations.

Ruth Sundback, author

Ruth was a Registered Dietitian on Staten Island, NY
for many years and now lives in Las Vegas, NV with
her husband, Neil. She grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Menomonie. "Were you ever my age, GRANDMA" was co-authored by Jenna and Grace Sundback, granddaughters of Ruth Sundback. They live on Staten Island, NY with their parents.

Where Does My Food Go?
Full color 9 X 12
Soft Cover Edition - 22 pages - $7.95
Hard Cover Edition - 32 pages - $13.95

Were you ever my age, GRANDMA ?
Full Color 9 X 12
Soft Cover - 32 pages - $8.95

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